Editing Voicemail Greetings

Editing Voicemail Greetings

To modify a Voicemail Greeting, click on the "View" icon found in the Voicemail column for a VM enabled device found under Devices/Extensions. 

Then, click on the green "Greetings" button.

You have three audio "Types" you may choose from: Unavailable, Busy, and Temp. 

"Unavailable" is your default voicemail greeting. 
"Busy" is rarely ever used, so disregard it for now.
"Temp" will override both "Unavailable" and "Busy" if there is an audio file uploaded. "Temp" is good for adding temporary/special messages without removing or overwriting your default "Unavailable" message. 

When you've decided which audio type to use, click the "Edit" icon. You may now proceed to upload a new audio file. Please see How do I add new IVR Audio? for additional information regarding audio uploads. 
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