Setting up Agent Call in Log in

Setting up Agent Call in Log in

Setting up Agent Call in Log in

Purpose: This article can be used to activate a third option for agents to connect to the Hosted Contact Center using any available telephone. When an agent logs into the HCC, a login screen displays the options of a “softphone” or a “desk phone.” However, there could be situations where using a softphone, like “Zoiper” or a configurable VOIP desk phone is not available. A third option can be activated, which allows an agent to call a number and enter their extension number. This will then connect them to the HCC and funnel the agent calls to whatever phone they are using. 

Considerations: A DID, phone extension in HCC, and a user account connected to the HCC extension will be needed to activate this option. This should not be considered a long-solution, but available in emergencies, or for testing, and demos. 

1. Select an available DID to use. If one is not available, contact IC support and request a DID be provisioned to your account. 

2. Select an extension the agent will use. If necessary, create one. 

3. Go to the HCC Routing drop-down in the left margin and select “Phone Numbers” Here you will use the “add a new phone number” option and enter in the DID you will use for calling in:

4. Next access the “Call Paths / IVR” menu option under Routing to create the call in log in IVR. Click “new IVR” then name the IVR, and submit:

5. Then, using the “add new step” button, create the first step and click the drop-down to the right of the step one field. A drop-down list should appear and allow you to choose “Agent Callin Login.” Then create second step with “Disabled” in the field that appears. The steps created auto-save:

6. Go back to the “Phone Numbers” menu option and open the DID you added before, and connect it to the IVR created in the previous step:

7. Now that a DID, IVR, extension, and agent user all exist, a “call in” option for connecting a phone will be available at login. The agent will start logging in to the HCC web portal and choose the “call in option.” The DID will display with a message asking the agent to call the DID. The agent then follows the phone prompts and enters their extension. The login screen will then show “registered” and ask the agent to click a button to continue logging in:

8. Once the agent clicks the button to continue logging in, the agent will then have the agent screen with status’s and be able to receive and make calls using the HCC web portal:

Note: Agent Call in Logins will show up in the Call Reports log as below. You can add a disposition step in the IVR for organization reasons.

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