How do I create a new IVR?

How do I create a new IVR?

Select the button labeled +add new IVR at the top of the Call Paths/IVRs submenu. Enter a new unique name for your new IVR and click submit. Next, you’ll need to create the sequence of actions to be used by your new IVR.

Select +Add new step to add an action to the IVR. Select your desired action from the drop-down menu provided. Fill in the two parameters as needed. (See IVR Action List for more information). When a call occurs, it will progress through your IVR from top to bottom.


To the left is a simple IVR that will take an incoming call, play a message, and redirect it based on user input.

1.Answer the Call – The IVR answers the incoming call.
2.Read Keys – The IVR will play a recording (Parameter #1) and accept key input. (i.e. “For Claims, press 1. For Billing, press 2. To speak to a Representative, press 0”)
3.The IVR will then initiate the action associated with the keypress. These actions are set under IVR Keys.
4.In this example, pressing 1 or 2 will direct the call to a different IVR, and pressing 0 will direct it to a campaign.

After editing an IVR, be sure to re-save the numbers connecting to it, otherwise your changes will not take affect. 
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