Editing Existing IVRs

Editing Existing IVRs

1. On the Call Paths/IVR submenu, click on the Edit icon next to the IVR that needs to be updated. 

2. Once in the IVR itself, you can:
  • Add New Steps: click +Add New Step Select your desired action from the drop-down menu provided and fill in the two parameters as needed.

  • Rearrange Steps: click & drag the four-way arrow icon next your chosen IVR step to move it up/down in the list. Remember, the IVR follows steps in order from top to bottom. 

  • Remove Steps: Click the remove icon on the far right of the step you wish to remove
Changes are no longer Autosaved. Remember to click "Save".

3. Go to the Phone Numbers submenu and re-save all numbers that route to the newly edited IVR. 
To re-save a phone number: select the edit icon next to the phone number that needs to be re-saved. Click "Save Changes". 
Your IVR will be under "Inbound Route: "

If you do not re-save the phone numbers, your changes will not take effect. 

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