Contact Lists: Do Not Call Lists

Contact Lists: Do Not Call Lists

Do Not Call Lists

Under “Do Not Call Lists”, [Users] can upload and edit Do Not Call Lists. As the name implies, these CSV files contain a list of numbers that are unable to be used by the dialer. These lists can include any type of number that [Users] do not want their agents to call. This could include anything from wrong numbers to government offices and the local pizza restaurant. Unlike the Contacts Lists, new numbers may be added without reuploading a new list.

Helpful Hints:
  In Campaign Settings, you can tie as many "Do Not Call" lists to the campaigns as you wish.
  "Global" is always automatically applied to all campaigns.
  An uploaded new list must be a .csv file with phone numbers, one per row.

Add New List

To upload a new DNC list, select "+add new list"

Enter the name that you would like to display in your list of DNC Lists in the "Name:" field.  
Choose your file and then click "Save Changes".  This new file will now appear in your Do Not Call Lists.

Edit Contact List

To "Edit" a list, select the pencil ICON.  From here, you can Search for a phone number/contact on the list, edit or delete the record.
To Edit a specific record in the list, select the pencil ICON.  From here the record can be edited and a reason for the edit supplied.  When finished, click "Save Changes".

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