Contact Lists: Contacts Lists

Contact Lists: Contacts Lists

ontact Lists contains the individual documents containing the numbers to be dialed by your Agents. These documents may include a variety of information such as name, address, and account number.

Contacts Lists

Under “Contacts Lists”, [Users] are able to upload and edit Contact Lists. A Contact List is a CSV file containing a list of numbers used by the dialer for campaigns. A contact list may include other information associated with a single number, such as the contact’s name, account number, address, balance due and more. The information in the contact list may be customized a [User’s] needs, but must contain at least one phone number. [Users] can view the contents of uploaded list, download a local copy and remove a list entirely.  You can also Edit a list from here (see below).

Contact List Fields

Below is a list of valid fields that can be included in Contact Lists.

Field Label



Phone Number — Format: 10 digits


First Name — Contact First Name


Middle Initial — Contact Middle Initial


Last Name — Contact Last Name


Name Prefix — Contact Name Prefix


Name Suffix — Contact Name Suffix


Company Name — Contact's Company Name


Email — Contact's Email Address


Address — Contact's Address


Apartment# — Contact's Apartment#


City — Contact's City


State — Contact's State (2 characters)


Postal Code — Contact's Postal Code / ZIP


Comments — Comments text


Website — Contact's Website


Title — Contact's Title


Account Balance Due — Account Balance Due

custom1 – custom11

Custom field — can be used for your own purpose

Editing a Contact List

To Edit the list, click the Pencil ICON.  From here, the only options available are to search for a specific entry by Account ID, Phone, First Name or Last Name and to remove the entry.  To remove the entry on the list, select the Red X beside the record.  When the delete action is performed, you will be presented with a verification/prompt.  Selecting "OK" will remove the record; selecting "cancel" will cancel the function.

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