Campaigns: Call Results

Campaigns: Call Results

Call Results are the result of a call that has been made by an agent.   Once it is defined, it can be used by an agent if it is associated with a campaign (see Campaigns:  Campaigns).  Existing call results can be searched by Code or Description or edited by selecting the Edit ICON.  From this tab, users may also add new call results by selecting + add call result.

When the Edit ICON is selected, the following screen will appear, separated into two sections; General Settings and Call Result:

Fields defined under General Settings include:

Call Result Code:                                    User defined code which should be meaningful to agents
Call Result Description                           Complete description of the Call Result Code
Enabled                                                  If checked, Call Result has been enabled
Status                                                     Select from Person, No Answer, Busy, Operator Intercept, Drop/Hang up, Answer Machine, Fax/Modem
Is this result Final                                   If checked, Call result is Final.
                                                                (Accounts marked "Final" will not be called again until the contact list is reloaded)
Do Not Call                                             If checked, will be added to the Do Not Call list
Recall                                                     Additional call attempt will be made again
Roll to another campaign                       Record will be moved to another campaign

Fields defined under Call Result include:

No Contact:                                                                 If checked, the person was not contacted
Contact:                                                                       If checked, the right person was contacted
Presentation:                                                               If checked, a presentation was given during the call
Success:                                                                      If checked, revenue was captured on the call.  Agent can populate the revenue amount.  
Require agents to enter revenue amount > 0.00         If checked, agents are required to enter the revenue amount.

It is important that this data is accurately captured as the results drive agent performance, campaign performance, reporting, Dashboard results, etc.

To Add a New Call Result, select + add Call Result.

The same fields will be presented to the user.

Add Call Result « back to Call Results
General Settings

Call Result Code:

Call Result Description:


Is this result Final:

Do Not Call:


Roll to another campaign:

Call Result

No Contact:

The person wasn't contacted

The person was contacted

A presentation was given

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