Agents: Agents

Agents: Agents


Agents are users that are able to be assigned to Teams. They are the most common type of User in the dialer and have the least amount of administrative access.  The Agents screen is a list of all Agents, their extension, On the Agents screen is a list of all Agents along with their extension, indication of being logged in, status, status time and whether the agent is active or inactive. From this screen, [Users] are able to boot agents offline, enable/disable them, edit, and delete them entirely. [Users] can also create new agents from here, though this can also be done under Configuration .  Agents can also be searched for by Username, full name or e-mail address.  Agent Statuses include:

Not Ready
On Hold

New Agent

The New Agent menu option redirects [Users] to the New User form found under the Users menu. Selecting ‘Agent’ as the User Type will enable [Users] to assign them to any number of existing teams, enable call recording, and set color alarms. Color alarms will highlight the agent’s status with a [User]-defined color based on how long the agent has been in that status. Agent-level color alarms overwrite global and team level color alarms.

Other User Types include Supervisor, Recording Supervisor and Admin.

The following User Profile fields can be edited, based upon User Type:

Agent - Status (active or inactive), Full Name, Email, User Type, Extension, Teams, Recording of Calls and Color Alarms.
Recording Supervisor - Status (active or inactive), Full Name, Email, User Type, Extension, Campaign Recordings Access
Supervisor - Status (active or inactive), Full Name, Email, User Type, Extension, Teams

Passwords for all User Types may be updated as well.

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